Historic Trumpy Refit – Elsie Fenimore

After over a year of surveying and negotiating, we have acquired the “Elsie Fenimore”, formerly named “Kick Back” , the 78′ (90′ at deck) auxiliary ketch built in 1934. Recognized as the largest motor-sailor ever produced by Trumpy-Mathis at their Camden, NJ shipyards. This is another magnificent example of classic shipbuilding featuring 2″ solid teak decks, 7″ solid oak ribs, 3″ pine tar hull planking, mahogany pilot house trim, and an incredible 18″ solid keel. Her original Superior Diesel engine remains in operable condition over 80 years after manufacture.

She is currently on the west coast and has been neglected but is fundamentally sound, and is currently undergoing an extensive refittrumpy_logo. The lead project manager is Capt. Dan Ramus of Windy Venue, LLC out of Grantham NH, who is a coast guard certified master of sail, operator of a successful charter business on the east coast, and is an expert at locating and restoring significant vessels of various types.

We are thrilled to be part of this effort, and look forward to bringing this piece of Philadelphia history back to life, both for Camden, NJ (Trumpy shipbuilding) and Philadelphia (Fenimore Johnson underwater photographic expeditions). In addition to it’s timeless motor yachts, including the US Presidential yacht Sequioa, Trumpy/Mathis made only a few sailboats and we are aware of both the privilege and responsibility of bringing this storied vessel back to life.