First off….we really hate pulling away from the dock when we don’t have all those public reservations on board. But, quite honestly, we will. Just like a train, Broadway Show, airplane, we do have published times  and we do need to stay on schedule. Once we leave the dock at our scheduled time, we can’t come back for you, even if you’re running down the dock… so, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE (did we say PLEASE enough?) arrive at the dock at least 20 minutes before departure time to give you plenty of time to board one of our charters, settle in, and get ready for a wonderful time on the water.

How do I redeem discounted tickets like Groupon, Living Social, Amazon, Travel Zoo, etc?

From time to time we offer our Public Sails at a discount. If you are the lucky recipient of such a deal, there are a few things to note: Beginning May 1, your coupon will be active in our reservation system and you can schedule your sail.  Coupons must be redeemed online and are non-refundable if you miss your scheduled charter.   Also, we have to wait until we get the list of coupon codes from the companies – that can take up to 2 days. As soon as we get them, we’ll load them into our reservation system so you can book your sail charter.

Why do I see Seacoast Sailing or Maine Sail Charter on my coupon and the name Windy Venue LLC in other places?

Well, we chang our name for different markets!  Maine Sail Charter and Seacoast Sailing are one in the same, so no worries.  The parent company is Windy Venue, LLC, so you might see that on reservation and billing statements.

How do I make a Private Group Charter reservation?

Private Group Charter date requests are made on our online booking system. Please click Check Availability and then click on “Private Charters”. Your preferred sail date/time is held until Charter details are confirmed by us.

How do I make a Public Charter reservation?

All reservations must be processed and paid for on our online booking system. Please Check Availability and choose one of our Public Charter options to reserve a sail date/time.

If you purchased a deal for a semi-private charter on one of our public sails, please go to our reservation system, go to the “Semi-private” option, enter the date you would like to sail, follow the remaining instructions and submit your request.  A crew member will get back to you to schedule/confirm your semi-private charter.

What types of payment do you accept?

When you book online through our reservation system, you pay with your credit or debit card.  At the dock and on the boat, we accept pre-paid coupons, cash, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.

How long is the charter?

Public charters aboard New Horizons are scheduled from 1 ½ – 3 hours. Private charters are available with more flexible timing and scheduling, but typically are typically half and full days and 2-3 hours on nights.

Where do you typically sail and what sights do we see?

Our typical public charter takes us down the Hudson, passing the Freedom Tower and lower Manhattan, then tacking over to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, out towards the Verrazano Bridge over to Brooklyn and around Governor’s Island, up the East River to the Brooklyn Bridge, then back around the tip of Manhattan, up the Hudson and back to the Marina. You’ll have amazing photo ops as we cruise around all the sights! The typical private charter will travel the Hudson and New York as time permits.

When should we arrive for a sail?

For private charters, it is your boat…so arrive as you see fit. For public charters, please arrive at the dock at least 20 minutes before departure time. We really hate pulling away from the dock when we don’t have all those with reservations onboard. But, quite honestly, we will.  Just like a train, Broadway Show, airplane, we do have published times and we do need to stay on schedule.  Once we leave the dock at our scheduled time, we can’t come back for you, even if you’re running  down the dock…. so, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE (did we say PLEASE enough?) arrive in plenty of time to board New Horizons, settle in, and get ready for a wonderful time on the water.

Is there food on the boat?

Our Pilot House snack bar offers a great selection of snacks – granola bars, chips and sweets. Our Maine Lobster Roll is usually available to purchase on most sails, along with some other great appetizer/food options.  Public Charter passengers are asked not to bring food on board. Private Charters can arrange meals from our chef, your favorite caterer, or bring their own food.

Are there beverages on the boat?

On Public Charter sails, we offer fresh lemonade, iced tea and water – all included with your reservation. For those 21 and older, you may purchase beer and wine. Private charters may select from a variety of options.

What ages are allowed on the Sails?

Children 6 and older are welcome on our Day Sails – 13 and up on our Sunset Sails, and 21 and older on all Night Sails. private charterers may bring any age but please be aware that all children count as a passenger by Coast Guard law.

Is there a bathroom on board?

Yes, there are heads (a ship’s bathroom), located on each of our boats below deck.

Will we sail on every trip?

On our motorsailer – we raise our sails on every trip and also keep the engine going – NYC Harbor is a busy place and we want to provide you with the best and safest trip. Whether there’s wind or not,we will see the sights and enjoy a relaxing and fun cruise.

Can I take the helm?

Honestly, when we’re sailing around the Harbor, the Captain needs to remain at the helm. On longer private charters out of the Harbor, feel free to ask the Captain if you can take a turn at the helm.

How many people will be on the boat and is it certified?

Our boats range from 6 to 49 passengers. During public charters, we will typically have about 35-40 passengers aboard. This is to provide a more comfortable and enjoyable ride for our guests, and to allow greater mobility aboard the boat.  There are 3 double berths and two heads with showers for our overnight guests – for a maximum of 6 passengers.

Are gratuities included?

Crew gratuity is not included on our public sails and is greatly appreciated by the crew if you deem it appropriate.  On semi-private and private charters an 18% service and gratuity fee is automatically added to your final bill.

Will my cell phone work on the cruise?

Yes, most cell companies work well within 5 miles of the coast. Our passengers, however, are on board to forget about daily life a bit and enjoy some time on the water. For the comfort and convenience of other guests, if you really need to make a call, please go below deck and keep your conversation as short as you can – you don’t want to miss the great sights!

Can we smoke on board?

For the comfort and safety of all the passengers, smoking is not allowed aboard public sails. For private charters, provided that your group agrees, smoking is allowed top-side, but never below.

Where will we sit?

There are several comfortable seating areas aboard each vessel. On deck, there is bench style seating for several passengers with and without backrests, and there is plenty of space to find a spot around the deck– all seats have seat cushions available for your use. Below deck, there is cushioned seating for about 12 people in the galley and the spacious aft room. You certainly are encouraged to move around the boat throughout the sail.

What do we need to bring/wear?

We recommend that you always dress appropriate to the weather. It is a good idea to bring a light jacket or sweater as temperatures on the water are usually cooler than on land. Soft soled shoes are required, and even though they might look great, high heels are NOT permitted. Please bring a hat or visor, sunglasses, a camera and/or binoculars and wear sunscreen during the day.

Are the boats handicap accessible?

The crew is equipped to help those with canes, and there is space on the boat where a wheelchair or walker will fit. Getting onto the boat from the dock, as well as the on-board restrooms, which are located below deck, both require navigating steps and somewhat narrow spots at times. A guest using a wheelchair or walker who would like to come on board, will have to be able to leave the wheelchair/walker on the dock and must be comfortable with being carried by our crew, or their friends/family. Safety is always our utmost concern, so with that in mind, we cannot safely accommodate guests who require this help if they weigh more than around 170 pounds. If a guest is comfortable being carried on board, we will have them and their party board first. If you, or someone in your party, requires this service, please call us at 877-899-9696 before purchasing your tickets so we can discuss the options in more detail.

We sail rain & shine (but you don’t have to!)

As sailors, we love all kinds of weather! However, we also recognize some Landlubbers are concerned with the waves, the wet, and those pesky summer thunder warnings. For those who wish to change their original public sail time, we offer a 3 day re-booking policy. 3 Day re-booking (all fares apply, subject to 2014 availability).  If you cancel your original sail online at least 72 hours prior to departure… Seacoast Sailing provides a “one-time” re-booking code or will refund full fare customer. Cancellations cannot
be processed through the phone.*

*Must cancel online. There is a $25 per passenger re-booking fee, only good for 2014 availability.

Private charter and Special Event restrictions may apply so please see confirmation details.  Discount fares/coupons do not qualify for a refund.

If we cancel – The Captain may cancel any sail at any time. In the unlikely event of our cancellation, we will contact you by e-mail or text at least 4 hours prior to sail. If you paid full fare, you qualify for a refund. For all other fares, we offer the option to re-book.

What happens if there is bad weather the day of the sail?

The Captain will certainly cancel in heavy weather or storm. From our experience though, weather reports are often misleading and suggest the possibility of rain or lightening, but it seldom happens on the water… so, please plan to sail with us unless we notify you the day of your sail.  You may also call us at 877-899-9696 for up-to-date sail info.

What if it rains while we are out on the boat?

If it begins to rain while we are out on a sail, passengers are invited to go below deck or under the Pilot House roof. We also have nice rain ponchos if you prefer to stay on deck. Quite honestly, it can be an awful lot of fun to sail in the rain!